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Allín Valley

The Allín Valley is bounded on the North by the Lókiz Mountains, on the East by the Echavarri and Larrión Rocks, on the South by the Belástegui Hill, and on the West it slopes gently towards the Ega River. The río Urederra River, fed by the Urbasa Mountains, crosses the valley from North to South.

Agriculture is the main activity of the valley. Most lands are used to grow cereals. There are also truffle, plantations: this is a mushroom which is highly regarded in cuisine. The importance of this crops can be seen in the Truffle Museum, in Metauten, 5 minutes from Muneta.

In the Allín Valley you can enjoy the pleasure of hiking surrounded by nature and silence. You can also visit spots such as the plateresque transept of Aramendia, unique because of its triangular section, the palace of the corporal of the governor in Galdeano (currently a hotel), any nook of the Urederra river, particularly through Artabia, and pot vultures, eagles and other raptors or climb the Lókiz Mountains going up any of its countless paths.


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